We are political strategists, creatives and former government aides who can handle every aspect of your effort.

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We fight harder and smarter to champion engaged, creative and passionate projects—whether we’re running a campaign, advancing an issue, or representing a company.

Areas of focus

  • Climate & environmental policy
  • Smart development
  • Human rights
  • Voting & democracy
  • Labor movements
  • Transportation


We offer a full suite of public affairs and media services to win your fight, including strategic planning, press, digital, tactical and crisis communications, and paid media.

Our foundation

  • Media relations

    We leverage our extensive network of journalists to place and shape stories in all forms of media, and handle all media requests and crisis communications.
  • Stakeholder engagement

    To effectively engage stakeholders, we develop and implement comprehensive strategies that include power-mapping influential leaders and decision-makers, canvassing, building databases, and acquiring lists.
  • Advertising and paid media strategy

    From highly-targeted social media content and other digital programming to television/radio ads and traditional out-of-home or mail programs, we reach the right audiences by developing compelling ads to change perspectives, spark action and drive results.

Specializing in

    Tactical communications & media relations

    Maintaining a consistent, positive presence with a client’s target audience often requires a host of additional creative communications tactics. Among other services, we provide: executive positioning, speechwriting, op-ed placement, graphic design, and social media toolkits.

    Brand & identity development

    A brand is more than just a logo; it's about convincing others to believe in an organization's purpose. At Pythia, we focus on purpose-driven brand development, creating a system that integrates this essence into every aspect of an organization's presence, whether new or evolving.

    Digital & social media management

    We can handle every aspect of an effective digital strategy so that your supporters (and opponents) are identified and targeted, useful data is collected, and resources are well-spent.

    Multimedia creative production

    To cut through the clutter of endless content and limited attention spans, a standout message is essential; We craft evocative, shareable content like original videos and well-designed print and digital materials. Our content, anchored in research and audience insights, effectively breaks through to advance the dialogue.

Trusted by leading voices

Our diverse portfolio of clients trust Pythia to help them win major efforts to improve elections, uphold human rights, change cityscapes, and elect leaders.

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Who we are

Evan Thies and Alexis Grenell founded Pythia Public Affairs after decades of experience shaping public agendas and advancing causes for both public sector and private sector clients. Together they’ve utilized their expertise in policy, politics and press to win major victories for candidates and causes in New York and beyond.

Since its inception, Pythia has expanding its team of seasoned professionals. Our diverse and talented team works to continue the legacy of impactful victories, extending our reach and expertise across various sectors and regions.

Meet our team

Adult Survivors Act

Trauma takes time to process. We are proud to work alongside survivors in passing legislation that empowers sex abuse survivors across New York and finally updates our laws to align with science.
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Cryptomining Moratorium

The mining of crypto currency is a highly energy-intensive process which runs counter to New York’s climate goals. Working on behalf of our clients Earthjustice and Seneca Lake Guardian, Pythia worked to successfully pass a moratorium on this practice.
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What our clients say about us

Safe Horizon deeply appreciates the thoughtful media strategy that Pythia Public utilized in our efforts to pass the Child Victims Act (2019) and Adult Survivors Act (2022) into law. They elevated the voices of survivors of sexual violence and helped break down misconceptions about when and how survivors disclose their experiences. The Pythia team brought tremendous energy and skill to these campaigns.

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Pythia is the hardest-working team of communications professionals we’ve ever worked with. They take on our fights as their own, and their creativity and capability to produce strategic, impactful work with us led to Governor Kathy Hochul passing the first-in-the-nation All Electric Building Act.

Pythia is dedicated to amplifying the stories of those most impacted by climate change in order to humanize policy failures and drive change. The Pythia team played a pivotal role in shaping our approach and success in passing a first-in-the-nation moratorium on fossil-fueled cryptomining and successfully opposing the renewal of Greenidge’s air permit.