Case Study

Adult Survivors Act

For years, Pythia worked with Safe Horizon, the largest victims services non-profit in the country, raising awareness around New York’s outdated laws that penalize adult survivors of sex abuse and successfully advocating for the passage of the Adult Survivors Act (ASA) in May 2022. The ASA is landmark legislation that opened a special one-year look-back window to allow individuals who were 18 years or older when they were sexually assaulted to file a civil lawsuit against the person who harmed them and/or the negligent institution — a critical step to empower survivors, many of whom require years to come to terms with the trauma of sexual assault and feel ready to seek justice. For over three years, Pythia worked closely with dozens of survivors of sexual abuse, nonprofits, and elected officials to advocate for the passage of ASA in the New York State Legislature. Our team elevated the stories of survivors, centering their experiences in press events, opinion pieces, profiles, and more. Pairing our media expertise with the courageous survivors who publicly shared their stories, our press strategy broke through the noise and painted an in-depth picture of what it means for survivors to seek justice.  In November 2022, we also worked with survivors of sex abuse and Safe Horizon to produce and launch a powerful PSA ad campaign featured on a massive Times Square billboard to raise awareness of the ASA, leading to thousands of survivors seeking justice through the court system.

Focus Area
Survivor rights
Safe Horizon