Evan Thies

photo of Evan Thies

Evan Thies is the co-founder of Pythia, advancing agendas and causes for both public sector and private sector clients in New York and beyond as one of the leading public affairs consultants in New York. A 20-year veteran of press and politics, Evan shapes public perception every day by taking a comprehensive approach and thinking ahead.

Before becoming a private consultant to some of the largest advocacy organizations and corporations in New York and in the country, Evan worked for Hillary Clinton, was a senior adviser in the New York City Council, and led communications on a number of major political campaigns.

Evan has won landmark improvements to public policy, fought successfully for major land use changes, and advanced the public affairs goals of private companies. He was also lead consultant to Eric Adams’ historic 2021 campaign for mayor, heading up both communications and policy. In his election night victory speech, Mayor Adams said Evan “found his voice.”

For his work, Evan was also recognized by the New York Daily News for “distinguishing himself in fights for affordable housing and public space,” and by the New York Times as “excellent” for work on “reform and clean-air issues.” Thies regularly contributes to the Daily News, MSNBC, The Hill, USA Today, and other news outlets about government and politics. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner Melanie and their young son, John—who cannot be advised, managed or consulted with when it’s time to take a bath.