Curt Courtenay

Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer
photo of Curt Courtenay

Curt Courtenay is a brand strategist, graphic designer and digital marketing professional who directs creative services for many of Pythia’s campaigns. Curt has a track record of success in building and enhancing brand identity for clients ranging in scale from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including Time, Essence, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! and others.

Curt prides himself on tending to the minor details that can have a major impact. His work within boutique to mid-size agencies allows him to focus on building strong relationships and understanding client needs while remaining highly accessible. This people-focused mentality also translates into his work for small businesses and individual proprietors where he specializes in building, refining, expanding or re-launching brands, often with founders and founding teams.

Curt received his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and undergraduate degree from Alliance University. With his strong passion for inspiring Brooklyn youth, Curt also serves as the teen director at his local church but always has time to scheme about potential NY Knicks’ trades.