Case Study

Willets Point Redevelopment

A transformative project announced by Mayor Eric Adams and Council Member Francisco Moya in November 2022 features the City’s largest 100% affordable housing development — 2500 units — in more than 40 years. It will be built alongside the City’s first soccer-specific stadium for Major League Soccer, which will be entirely privately financed, in the Willets Point section of Queens. After witnessing several failed redevelopment attempts dating back multiple mayoral administrations over the past two decades, the city has finally cleaned up the long-contaminated area, and it’s now bursting with potential. The Pythia team hit the ground running and developed a comprehensive press, organizing, and political strategy which led to the local community board voting overwhelmingly in support of the project. Editorials praising the plan were published by a variety of outlets including The New York Post, Daily News and Crain’s. Now the community board’s approval, Willet Point’s future is looking much brighter. 

Focus Area
Affordable housing
New York City Football Club
Queens Development Group